Managing PHP fastcgi with Launchd

Because I’m using PHPLDAPAdmin as a stopgap while I build a custom web directory application, I have gotten soiled a bit by PHP. I’m running everything on a headless Mac mini, and I chose to use Mac OS X as the OS for reasons I won’t go into here.

The front-end web server is nginx, which is proxying to php running as fcgi. Pardon me in advance if/when I get the terminology wrong. I tried using the instructions from the Homo Adminus blog, and while both the Bash script method and the spawn-fcgi method work, I could not figure out how to get launchd to manage them.

I hope that some of you are laughing at me at this point, because the problem was (and may still be) totally centered on my ignorance of the fastCGI usage of the php binary. I was being dense about launchd as well. Launchd doesn’t use spawn-fcgi or a custom shell script as the ProgramArguments. Rather, it completely obviates the need for them. This should have been obvious (a phrase that I promise will be common on this blog).

For the edification of the similarly ignorant, here’s a launchd plist that seems to work.

As I understand it, you set the server IP address and port number with the -b argument to the php binary. Homo Adminus adds the -q option (suppressing HTTP Header output) in his Bash script, so I did as well. To arrange for more than one listening process, you have to set the PHP_FCGI_CHILDREN environment variable.

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