Use Net::LDAP with ActiveLdap

Prior to version 0.8.2, ActiveLdap required Ruby/LDAP for its underlying connection. This posed an annoyance, if not a problem, as Ruby/LDAP does not exist as a gem. As of 0.8.2, ActiveLdap supports both Ruby/LDAP and the bona fide, gemified Net::LDAP.

The default connection is still Ruby/LDAP, however, and the official docs aren’t abundantly clear on how to make the connections with Net::LDAP. I couldn’t find an answer with Google until after I had puzzled it out myself and was about to write this post. Googling for the answer found for me this post to the ActiveLdap mailing list, which is mostly correct. The value for :adapter should be ‘net_ldap’, not ‘net-ldap’, according to the Constants list at the very bottom of the front page of the Rdocs for ActiveLdap.


 :adapter => 'net_ldap',
 :host => 'localhost',
 :base => 'dc=mycooldomain,dc=com', 
 # doo wa doo shbop

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