FinderColor: A Ruby interface to Finder labels in Mac OS X

I just posted to Rubyforge the first public version of FinderColor, a very small interface to the Finder label colors in Mac OS X. FinderColor sends Apple Events using rb-appscript, bypassing AppleScript entirely. This counts as a good thing.

Install: sudo gem install findercolor

There are only 5 methods to FinderColor:

  FinderColor.set_index(full_path_to_file, index)
  FinderColor.set_color(full_path_to_file, symbol)

The index argument must be between 0 and 7. The hash argument to batch_set expects the keys to be integers or symbols for color names. FinderColor::Labels gives you an array of the color symbols in their index order:

  FinderColor::Labels #=> [:none, :orange, :red, :yellow, :blue, :purple, :green, :gray ]

Rdocs here.

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