How to compile mdbtools on Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5

Update: MacPorts appears to have a working port of mdbtools now.


You’ll need MacPorts, the mdbtools source, and a simple patch. Use macports to install glib2, libtool, and automake:

port install glib2 libtool automake

One commenter reported that he had to upgrade version 2.5.35 of flex. I had no trouble with the version of flex included with Leopard, viz. 2.5.33.

MDB Tools source

You can get the mdbtools source from CVS, via the instructions at the sourceforge site, and my patch here.

Alternatively, use a git repo I started because CVS makes baby Theanthropos cry:

git clone git:// mdbtools && make && make install

cd into the mdbtools directory and run Pass any configuration args to, and it will pass them along to configure. /usr/local is the default prefix. The options below set the install location, enable compilation of the mdb-sql tool, but not gmdb2, the Gnome MDB File Viewer and debugger.

./ --prefix=/users/Matthew/local --enable-sql --disable-gmdb2
make install

Assume that make and install work: you can test the results like so:

mdb-ver /path/to/thingy.mdb
mdb-tables /path/to/thingy.mdb
mdb-schema /path/to/thingy.mdb