The Need of a Study of Anatomy (also Swans)

“In our initial sketches for compositions, when memory has to take the place of the living model, we rely to a great extent on our anatomical knowledge for the suggestion of action and form generally. And again it adds materially to our faculties for self-criticism, which, like a sense of humour, is often, nearly always, our salvation.”
Solomon J. Solomon, The practice of oil painting and of drawing as associated with it

Knowledge of your tools is necessary, but not sufficient. The choices you make when planning the structure of software depend on your knowledge of the problem domain. A project is limited (sometimes crippled) by your comprehension of the form and motion and constraints of the body before you.

“It looks like it was made with, you know… longing. Made by a person really longed to see a swan”
Kaylee, Firefly

Self-criticism and a sense of humor are ineluctably linked, I find. Those who have not the capacity to criticize their own efforts lack most of the capacity to laugh at their own failings. If you don’t think it’s funny when you spend two hours failing to find a mindless bug in a simple depth-first traversal function, then you’re not me.